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Adinotherium Adinotherium Adinotherium
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Adinotherium (Adinotherium ovinum Ameghino, 1887)


Order: Notoungulata

Family: Toxodontidae

Temporal range: during the Early - late Miocene epoch (17,5 - 11,6 mya years ago) (South America)

Dimensions: length - 1,5 m, height - 80 сm, weight - 120 kg


Adinotherium is an extinct mammal of the Toxodontidae family, a representative of the South American fauna of Miocene age.In general, he resembled a scaled-down version of his relative Toxodon. Adinotherium’s forefeet were higher than Toxodon, so the height at the shoulders and the pelvis were equal, which facilitated the running. There are several types of Adinotherium: Adinotherium ferum and Adinotherium ovinum. The largest of them, Adinotherium ovinum, reaching 1.5 meters in length, with an increase of about 80cm and weighing 120 kg.

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