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Aktautitan hippopotamopus
Aktautitan hippopotamopus Aktautitan hippopotamopus Aktautitan hippopotamopus
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Aktautitan hippopotamopus

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Aktautitan (Megacerops (Aktautitan hippopotamopus Mihlbachler, Lucas & Emry, 2004)
Order: Perissodactyla
Family: †Brontotheriidae
Temporal range: during the  Eocene (Asia)
Dimensions: length - 4 m, height - 150 сm, weight - 1200 - 2000 kg
A typical representative: Aktautitan hippopotamopus Mihlbachler, Lucas & Emry, 2004

Aktautitan is an extinct animal from equines Brontotheriidae family, who lived in the middle Eocene. This animal got its generic name is in honor of Aktau mountains in Kazakhstan, where its fossils were found. They are found far to the west of the Gobi Desert, where most of the detected Asian brontotheres. There are three known Aktautitan's skull with small fronto-nasal appendages and individual bones of the body. Probably it was one of the major representatives of Brontotheriidae: its height at the withers could reach 2.5 m. Were also found trace track of the large equines that could belong to this species. Judging by the structure of the teeth, Aktautitan fed soft vegetation - leaves and young shoots of trees. Based on the fact that Aktautitan had short legs, and its fossils are found in the lake sediments, this may be evidence of semi-aquatic way of life.

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