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Anchitherium Anchitherium Anchitherium
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Anchitherium (Anchitherium von Meyer, 1844)


Order: Perissodactyla

Family: Equidae

Dimensions: 1,5 m in length, 60 cm in height, 40kg of weight

Expansion: early and middle Miocene of North America and Eurasia

Typical representative: Anchitherium aurelianense


Anchitherium (meaning near beast) was a fossil horse with a three-toed hoof. Anchitherium was a browsing (leaf eating) horse that originated in the early Miocene of North America and subsequently dispersed to Europe and Asia, where it gave rise to the larger bodied genus Sinohippus. It was around 60 centimetres high at the shoulder, and probably represented a side-branch of horse evolution that left no modern descendants.




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