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Apataelurus Apataelurus Apataelurus
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Apataelurus (Apataelurus Scott, 1938)


Order: †Oxyaenodonta

Family: Oxyaenidae

Temporal range: during the  Eocene (North America)

Dimensions: length - 1 m, height - 45 сm, weight - 30 kg

A typical representative: Apataelurus kayi Scott, 1938


Either species bore a passing, or superficial resemblance to a very small, dog-sized saber-toothed cat. Machaeroides could be distinguished from actual saber-toothed cats by their more-elongated skulls, and their plantigrade stance. Machaeroides species are distinguished from the closely related Apataelurus by the fact that the former genus had smaller saber-teeth. Although it is undeniably a creodont, its placement within the order is in dispute. Experts seem equally divided over whether Machaeroides and its sister-genus, Apataelurus, belong in Oxyaenidae or Hyaenodontidae.

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