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Borhyaena Borhyaena
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Borhyaena (Borhyaena Ameghino, 1887)


Infraclass: Metatheria

Order: †Sparassodonta

Family: †Borhyaenidae

Dimensions: length - 2,2 m, height - 50 сm, weight - 23 - 65 kg

Temporal range: South America (17.5 -15.5 million years ago)


Borhyaena is an extinct genus of South American metatherian, living between 17.5 and 15.5 million years ago. Borhyaena was a large, bear-like marsupial predator of up to 2.2 metres long and with an estimated average weight of 25 kilograms. A typical borhyaenid, it had flat feet and a heavy build. Borhyaena probably hunted from an ambush as its short legs would not have allowed it to run very fast.

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