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Borophagus diversidens
Borophagus diversidens Borophagus diversidens Borophagus diversidens
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Borophagus diversidens

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Borophagus (Borophagus Cope, 1892)


Order: Carnivora

Family: Canidae

Temporal range: during the early Miocene - Pliocene of North America (23.3-3.6 Mya)

Dimensions: length - 100 cm, height - 60 сm, weight - 75 kg

A typical representative: Borophagus diversidens Cope, 1892


Borophagus diversidens ("devouring glutton") is an extinct species of the genus Borophagus of the subfamily Borophaginae, a group of canids endemic to North America from the early Miocene epoch through the Pliocene epoch 4.9-1.8 Ma. Borophagus dudleyi existed for approximately 3.1 million years. Two fossil specimens of Borophagus diversidens were measured by Legendre and Roth in 1988. They estimated that specimen one weighed 89 kg  and the second weighed 75.4 kg.

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