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Brachycrus Brachycrus
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Brachycrus (Brachycrus (†Brachycrus (Matthew, 1901))

Merycochoerus rusticus

Synonyms: Pronomotherium (Douglass, 1907)


Order: Artiodactyla

Family: Merycoidodontidae

Subfamily: Merycochoerinae

Temporal range: during the Middle Miocene to Late Miocene (North America)

Dimensions: length - 1,3 m, height - 70 сm, weight - 75 kg

A typical representative: Brachycrus rusticus Matthew, 1901



Brachycrus is an extinct genus of terrestrial herbivore of the family Merycoidodontidae, subfamily Merycochoerinae, (oreodont) endemic to North America during the Middle Miocene to Late Miocene subepochs (20.6-13.6 mya) existing for approximately 7 million years. The 1 metre long creature resembled its bigger, earlier relative Merycoidodon, but was more specialized. Brachycrus had jaws which were short, and because the nostrils were placed far to the back the creature is presumed to have a tapir-like proboscis.

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