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Bramatherium perimense
Bramatherium perimense Bramatherium perimense
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Bramatherium perimense

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Bramatherium (Bramatherium Falconer, 1845)


Order: Artiodactyla

Family: Giraffidae

Temporal range: during the Late Miocene (Asia)

Dimensions: length - 3,4 m, height - 2,3 m, weight -  450 kg

A typical representative: Bramatherium perimense Falconer 1845


Bramatherium is a species of Sivatheria with very unusual horns. Sivatheria (Sivatherium) normally developed very large rear ossicones, while Bramatheria – frontal. Most probably, these horns had a demonstration function; however, it is possible that they were used in males’ duels, with their solid bases and rear pair directed sideways.
Bramatheria were very large Ungulata reaching 2.5 m in withers height, with relatively short legs and neck. They inhabited dry savannas and sparse forests, feeding on branches and leaves of trees and bushes.

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