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Cadurcodon Cadurcodon Cadurcodon
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Cadurcodon (†Cadurcodon (Kretzoi, 1942))
Order: Perissodactyla
Family: †Amynodontidae
Temporal range: during the Eocene-Oligocene  (Asia)
Dimensions:  weight - 900-1800 kg
A typical representative: †Cadurcodon ardynensis (Osborn, 1924)
Cadurcodon is an extinct genus of amynodont rhino that lived during the Late Eocene to the Oligocene period. Amynodontidae is a family of extinct perissodactyls related to true rhinoceroses. They are commonly portrayed as semiaquatic hippo-like rhinos but cadurcodontines had more typical ungulate proportions and convergently evolved a tapir-like proboscis. Fossils have been found throughout Mongolia and China.
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