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Calendar 2022
Calendar 2022 Calendar 2022 Calendar 2022
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Calendar 2022

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Prehistoric Pocket Calendar 2022 with 12 Extinct Animals and their Modern Relatives: Plus Notes and Anti-Stress Coloring Pages


Did you know there used to be giants among penguins, too? Or have you ever heard that the ancestor of the largest mammal on our planet, blue whale, is prehistoric Indohyus, an animal resembling a long-tailed, antler-free deer?

There are 12 amazing stories about extinct creatures and their modern relatives in our Prehistoric Pocket Calendar 2022 with notes, anti-stress coloring pages and photorealistic illustrations. You can also find the size comparisons of ancient and modern animals.

To find out more about extinct megafauna please scan QR code on each page and welcome to the Prehistoric Fauna World!


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