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Carodnia vieirai
Carodnia vieirai
Carodnia vieirai Carodnia vieirai
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Carodnia vieirai

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Carodnia (Carodnia Simpson, 1935)


Order: Xenungulata

Family: Carodniidae

Temporal range: late Paleocene of South America

Dimensions: length - 1,6 m, height - 80-100 сm, weight - 150 kg

Typical representative: Carodnia vieirai Simpson, 1935


Carodnia vieirai is an extinct meridiungulate mammal from the Paleocene of South America. It is related to, and possibly gave rise to the order Pyrotheria (Pyrotherium), into which some experts also place Carodnia.

In life, it would have been a tapir-sized animal. It bore strong resemblances to both some condylarths and to dinoceratans, although without tusks or ossicones.

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