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Devincenzia (Devincenzia pozzi (Kraglievich 1932))


Class: Aves

Order: Cariamiformes

Family: Phorusrhacidae

Time period: lived in the Langhian stage of the Early Miocene of Uruguay and Late Miocene to Early Pliocene of Argentina.

Size: 250 - 270 cm in height, 160 - 260 kg of weight

Typical representative: Devincenzia pozzi


Devincenzia is an extinct genus of giant flightless predatory birds in the family Phorusrhacidae or "terror birds" that lived during the Early Miocene (Deseadan) Fray Bentos Formation of Uruguay and Late Miocene (Huayquerian) Ituzaingó Formation to Early Pliocene (Montehermosan) of Argentina. The type species D. pozzi was formerly known as Onactornis pozzi. A second species D. gallinali has been described. It stood about 2.5 metres tall.

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