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Diacodexis Diacodexis Diacodexis
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Diacodexis (†Diacodexis (Cope, 1882))
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: †Dichobunidae
Time period: during the Early Eocene of North America, Europe and Asia (55.4 mya - 46.2 mya)
Dimensions: length - 50 сm, height - 25 сm, weight -  2 - 3,2 kg
Diacodexis is the oldest known even-toed ungulate. In life, it would have resembled a modern duiker, measuring about 50 centimetres in body length, but with a much longer tail. Unlike most later species of artiodactyl, it still had five toes on each foot, although the third and fourth toes were already elongated. It may also have had small hooves on each toe. Its teeth suggest that it was a herbivorous browser.
As suggested by its long legs, Diacodexis is believed to have been fast-running, capable of leaping relatively far.
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