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Dinocyon Dinocyon Dinocyon
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Dinocyon († Dinocyon thenardi (Jourdan, 1861))
Order: Carnivora
Infraorder: Arctoidea
Family: Ursidae
Subfamily: †Hemicyoninae
Dimensions: length - 2,3 m, height - 110 сm, weight - 130 - 250+ kg
Temporal range: during the Miocene (Europa, 20.3–5.3 Ma)
Dinocyon is an extinct genus of hemicyonine bear of the Miocene epoch, endemic to Europe.  ts weight has been estimated at 200+ kg, maybe more. Its dentition indicates an omnivorous diet, but its anatomy suggests it was maybe more of an active hunter compared to most modern bear species. It lived from around 20.3–5.3 Ma, existing for approximately 15 million years.
Its name meaning "terrible dog".
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