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Dromomeryx Dromomeryx
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Dromomeryx (†Dromomeryx (Douglass, 1909))
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Palaeomerycidae
Time period: the Miocene of North America
Dimensions: 1,9 m in length, 80-120 cm in height, 50 - 80 kg of weight
Typical representative: Dromomeryx borealis
Dromomeryx is an extinct genus of Artiodactyla, of the family Palaeomerycidae, endemic to North America. It was an even toed ungulate which was similar in size to a modern white tail deer. Its ossicones grew up and forward of their eyes, similar in style to a gazelles. Dromomeryx was a browser as isotopic data from its teeth and tooth structure suggest that it ate leaves and other foliage above ground level.
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