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Eobasileus cornutus
Eobasileus cornutus
Eobasileus cornutus Eobasileus cornutus
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Eobasileus cornutus

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Eobasileus (Eobasileus Cope, 1872)


Order: Dinocerata

Family: Uintatheriidae

Genus: Eobasileus

Dimensions: length - 4 m, height -  210 сm, weight - 4000 kg

Temporal range: Eocene of North America


Eobasileus cornutus is an extinct species of dinocerate mammal. Eobasileus was 4 metres long and stood 2.1 metres tall at the shoulder; and with a weight up to 4000 kg it was the largest Uintathere. It looked very similar to the related Uintatherium. Like Uintatherium, it had three pairs of blunt horns on its skull, possibly covered with skin like the ossicones of a giraffe. The frontal pair may have been composed of keratin, like the horns of a rhinoceros. Eobasileus also had a pair of tusks which were shielded by bony protrusions of the lower jaw.







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