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Eotitanops Eotitanops
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Eotitanops (†Eotitanops (Osborn, 1907))
Order: Perissodactyla
Family: †Brontotheriidae
Temporal range: during the Early Eocene–Mid Eocene (North America and Asia)
Dimensions: height ~ 45 сm, weight ~ 30 kg
Eotitanops is an extinct genus of brontothere from North America and Asia. Maybe is the earliest known genus of brontothere. Eotitanops was only 45 centimetres tall at the shoulder. It probably resembled a larger version of its contemporary, the horse-like palaeothere Hyracotherium. Like Hyracotherium, it ate leaves and had five-toed front legs and three-toed hind legs.
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