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Giraffokeryx Giraffokeryx
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Giraffokeryx (†Giraffokeryx (Pilgrim 1910))
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Giraffidae
Time period: during the Miocene of the Indian subcontinent and Eurasia  (14–11 Ma)
Dimensions: length - 2,3 - 2,6 m, height - 1,5, weight -  200 - 350 kg
Giraffokeryx is an extinct genus of medium-sized giraffids known from the Miocene of the Indian subcontinent and Eurasia. It is distinguished from other giraffids by the four ossicones on its head; one pair in front of the eyes on the anterior aspect of the frontal bone and the other behind the eyes in the frontoparietal region overhanging the temporal fossae. It has a brachydont dentition like in other giraffids and its legs and feet are of medium length. Giraffokeryx resembled either an okapi or a small giraffe. It is a possible ancestor of both.
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