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Hexameryx simpsoni
Hexameryx simpsoni
Hexameryx simpsoni
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Hexameryx simpsoni

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Hexameryx (Hexameryx White, 1941)


Order: Artiodactyla

Family: Antilocapridae

Dimensions: length - 1 m, height - 80 сm, weight ~ 35 kg

Temporal range: during the late Micene - Early Pliocene (North America)

A typical representative: Hexameryx simpsoni White, 1941


Hexameryx is an extinct genus of the family Antilocapridae, endemic to North America during the Pliocene epoch, existing for approximately 0.4 million years.

The two six-pointed pronhorn are thought to have had a separate sheath on each prong, which was shed annually. Males and females appear to have had similarly sized horns in these fossil pronghorn.Modern pronghorn males shed the horn covering each year, while the smaller horns of the females are shed irregularly..

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