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Hyaenodon horridus (old version)
Hyaenodon horridus (old version) Hyaenodon horridus (old version) Hyaenodon horridus (old version)
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Hyaenodon horridus (old version)

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Hyaenodon horridus  (Hyaenodon Leidy, 1869)


Class: Mammalia

Order: Creodonta

Family: Hyaenodontidae

Time period:  late Eocene and early Oligocene (North American)

Size: Up to‭ 1,8‭ ‬meters long. 80 ‬cm tall at the shoulder.  Weight estimated at up to‭ 50‭ ‬kg.


Hyaenodon ("hyaena-toothed") is an extinct genus of Hyaenodonts, a group of carnivorous creodonts of the family Hyaenodontidae endemic to all continents except South America, Australia and Antarctica, living from 42—15.9 mya, existing for approximately 26.1 million years. The average weight of adult or sub-adult Hyaenodon horridus, the largest North American species, is estimated to be about 40 kg  and may not have exceeded 60 kg.


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