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Kelba Kelba
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Kelba (†Kelba quadeemae (Savage, 1965))
Superorder: Afrotheria
Order: †Ptolemaiida
Family: †Kelbidae
Time period: It lived during the Early Miocene-Middle Miocene of Africa ( 22–12.5 Ma) 
Size: weight estimated at up to‭ 15‭ ‬kg.
Kelba quadeemae is an extinct species of ptolemaiidan mammal, the sole species of the family Kelbidae, known from the Lower Miocene of East Africa. This animal is only known from a partial skull and teeth, but estimated to have been (around 15 kg), similar in size to a coyote but more heavily built. The teeth are rather unspecialized, suggesting a wide and varied diet, and show wear suggesting its diet included abrasive material.


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