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Kerberos langebadreae
Kerberos langebadreae Kerberos langebadreae Kerberos langebadreae
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Kerberos langebadreae

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Kerberos langebadreae (Kerberos Solé et al. 2015)


Parent taxon: Hyainailourini according to F. Solé et al. 2015

Sister taxa: Hyainailouros, Isohyaenodon, Leakitherium, Pterodon, Sivapterodon



Order: Creodonta

Family: Hyaenodontidae

Time period:  Around 40 million years old. (Eocene of France)

Size: Up to‭ 2 ‬meters long. 65 ‬cm tall at the shoulder.  Weight estimated at up to‭ 135‭ ‬kg.


An archaic form of flesh-eating mammal called a hyaenodont, and, more specifically, a member of a lineage called hyainailourines.


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