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Kubanochoerus Kubanochoerus Kubanochoerus
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Kubanochoerus (Kubanochoerus Gabunia, 1955)


Order: Artiodactyla

Family: Suidae

Dimensions: length - 280 cm, height - 140 сm, weight - 500 kg

Temporal range: Middle Miocene of Eurasia (~20 – 16 Ma years ago)

A typical representative: Kubanochoerus robustus Gabunia, 1955


Kubanochoerus was a genus of large, long-legged pigs from the Miocene of Eurasia. The largest species, the aptly named K. gigas, grew to be up 1.2 metres at the shoulder, and probably weighed up to 500 kilograms in life. The heads of these pigs were unmistakable, with small eyebrow horns, and a large horn emanating from the forehead of the males. It is speculated that the males used their forehead horns for jousting with each other.

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