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Giant asian pangolin
Giant asian pangolin Giant asian pangolin Giant asian pangolin
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Giant asian pangolin

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Giant asian pangolin (†Manis palaeojavanica (Dubois, 1907))
Order: Pholidota
Family: Manidae
Temporal range: during the Pleistocene epoch (Asia,  0.8–0.03 Ma)
Dimensions: length - 2,5 m, weight ~100 kg
Giant asian pangolin, is an extinct species of pangolin that was native to Asia. Its total length is measured up to 2.5 m.  M. palaeojavanica is one of the only known fossils to be found nearly complete of the pangolin species, due to their armour-like scales that protected their bodies when they were alive.
Using carbon dating, bones were determined to be 42,000–47,000 years old.


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