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Megalictis ferox
Megalictis ferox
Megalictis ferox Megalictis ferox
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Megalictis ferox

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Megalictis ferox (Megalictis ferox Matthew, 1907)

Synonyms: Megalictis brevifacies, Megalictis simplicidens, Aelurocyon brevifacies, Brachypsalis simplicidens, Paroligobunis simplicidens


Order: Carnivora

Family: Mustelidae

Subfamily: Oligobuninae

Dimensions: length - 1,6 m, tail - 40 cm, height - 50-70 сm, weight - 50-120 kg

Temporal range: the Miocene (North America).


Megalictis ferox is an extinct predator of the family of mustelids (weasel) living on the territory of North America during the Miocene. Probably outwardly it resembled a short-faced wolverine, the size of a jaguar. It was a very powerful beast weighing 100 kg, able to cope with animals several times larger than itself. His modern relatives, weighing about 20 kg, terrify the larger predators living in the same territory with them. Megalictis, with its size and strength, could take the prey from a much larger animal.

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