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Meniscotherium Meniscotherium
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Meniscotherium (Meniscotherium Cope, 1874)



Family: Phenacodontidae

Subfamily: Meniscotheriinae

Time period: Eocene of North America (54-38 million years ago)

Size:1 m in length, 30 cm in height, 5- 20 kg of weight

A typical representative: Meniscotherium chamense


Meniscotherium is an extinct genus of dog-sized mammal which lived 54-38 million years ago. It was a herbivore and had hooves. Fossils have been found in Utah, New Mexico. and Colorado. Many individuals have been found together, indicating that it lived in groups. Body mass in M. chamense is estimated to be 5-12 kg, making it about the size of a small dog.

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