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Long-nosed peccary
Long-nosed peccary Long-nosed peccary Long-nosed peccary
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Long-nosed peccary

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Long-nosed peccary (†Mylohyus nasutus (Leidy, 1868))
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: Tayassuidae
Expansion and period of existence: the Late Pleistocene of North America
Dimensions: length - 140 cm, height - 75 cm, weight - 60-70 kg.
During the last glacial, long-nosed peccaries were distributed throughout eastern North America with concentrations in Appalachia and Florida. Most fossil localities containing this species are found in the southern and south-eastern U.S., from west Texas to Florida, and north to Pennsylvania.
Unlike the flat-headed peccary, the long-nosed peccary was probably a solitary animal and did not frequent caves.
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