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Notostylops Notostylops
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Notostylops (†Notostylops Ameghino, 1897)


Order: †Notoungulata

Suborder: Notoprogonia


Temporal range: Early-Late Eocene (Casamayoran-Divisaderan) ~48.6–37.2 Ma (South America)

Dimensions: length - 75 cm, height - 30 сm, weight - 10 kg



Notostylops is a genus of extinct South American ungulate from Eocene Argentina. 
Notostylops was a very generalized animal, very similar to first eutherians and ungulates. It would have resembled a raccoon or weasel animal and is suspected to have browsed on low-growing plants. Notostylops was a generalised animal, likely adapted to a fairly wide range of ecological niches, but its robustness indicates it have same digging traits. Its tall skull housed rodent-like incisor teeth. 
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