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Oxyaena lupina
Oxyaena lupina Oxyaena lupina Oxyaena lupina
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Oxyaena lupina

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Oxyaena (Oxyaena Cope, 1874)


Order: †Oxyaenodonta

Family: Oxyaenidae

Temporal range: during the late Paleocene - Early Eocene epoch (North America)

Dimensions:length - 1,4 m, height - 40 сm, weight - 20 kg

A typical representative: Oxyaena lupina Cope, 1874


Oxyaena  is an extinct genus of oxyaenid mammal from the latest Paleocene to early Eocene of North America (most specimens being found in Colorado). The species were superficially cat or wolverine-like, with a flexible body 1 metre long, and short limbs. Some species like Oxyaena forcipata were bigger with a body mass estimated to be 20 kg.

Oxyaena had a broad, low skull (20 cm. long) with a long facial part and a massive lower jaw, while its body and tail were long and its five-toed limbs were short. Often compared to martens or cats, the Oxyaenids tended to have long bodies and tails with short legs. They most likely relied on their sight and hearing for hunting. Unlike true cats, Oxyaena was plantigrade, treading on the whole surface of its soles.It is presumed that Oxyaena was a leopard-like predator that could climb trees in search of prey.
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