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Palaeomastodon beadnelli
Palaeomastodon beadnelli Palaeomastodon beadnelli Palaeomastodon beadnelli
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Palaeomastodon beadnelli

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Palaeomastodon (Mammut americanum Blumenbach, 1799)


Order: Proboscidea

Family: †Palaeomastodontidae

Dimensions: length - 3,5 - 4 m, height - 2 - 2,5 m, weight - 2500 kg

Expansion: Late Eocene–Early Oligocene of  Africa (36-35 million years ago)


Palaeomastodon an extinct genus of Proboscidea. Palaeomastodon fossils have been found in Africa, lived some 36-35 million years ago. They are believed to be the ancestors of elephants or mastodons. Palaeomastodon had tusks, both upper and lower, and it had a trunk. It was about 2.2 metres tall at the shoulder and weighed about 2.5 tonnes.  The lower tusks were flat rather than pointed cones, and were probably used to scoop plants from swampy water.












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