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Palaeotragus Palaeotragus
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Palaeotragus (Palaeotragus (Gaudry 1861))


Order: Artiodactyla

Family: Giraffidae

Time period: during the Miocene of Africa, Eurasia

Dimensions: length - 4 m, height - 1,8 - 3 m, weight -  260 - 650 kg


Palaeotragus  is a genus of very large, primitive, okapi-like giraffid from the Miocene of Africa, Eurasia.  Palaeotragus primaevus is the older species, being found in early to mid-Miocene strata, while Palaeotragus germaini is found in Late Miocene strata.

P. primaevus is distinguished from P. germaini by the lack of ossicones. It was also the smaller species, being a little under 2 m  at the shoulders. P. germaini had a pair of ossicones, and in life, it would have resembled either a short-necked, 3 m  tall giraffe, or a gargantuan okapi.

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