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Paraentelodon Paraentelodon Paraentelodon
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Paraentelodon macrognathus (Paraentelodon Gabunia,1964)


Order: Artiodactyla

Family: Entelodontidae

Temporal range: Oligocene through to Burdigalian of the Miocene (Asia)

Dimensions: length - 3 m, height ~ 200 сm, weight ~ 1000 kg

A typical representative:  Paraentelodon macrognathus


Paraentelodon is an extinct entelodont from the Late Oligocene of Eurasia.

It was very similar in size and form to the giant entelodont, Daeodon, of early Miocene North America. Some researchers suggest that it was either ancestral to, or shared an ancestor with Daeodon. As with other entelodonts, it was an omnivore that had large teeth that enabled it to crush bone and dig for tubers. Like its North American cousins. It faced competition from other predators like Hyaenodon.

The Eurasian Paraentelodon intermedium, standing up to 2.1 m tall at the shoulder, with brains the size of an orange. 




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