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Giant Walrus (Pontolis magnus)
Giant Walrus (Pontolis magnus)
Giant Walrus (Pontolis magnus) Giant Walrus (Pontolis magnus)
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Giant Walrus (Pontolis magnus)

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Pontolis magnus (Pontolis magnus True 1905 )

Pontoleon magnus


Order: Carnivora

Suborder: Caniformia

Superfamily: Pinnipedia

Family: Odobenidae

Temporal range: late Miocene of North America

Dimensions: length - 3 - 5 m, weight - 1000 - 4000 (?) kg

A typical representative: Pontolis magnus True 1905


The giant walrus Pontolis was described in 1905 and dates from the late Miocene (7-9 million years ago). The length of its skull was 60 cm, and the size it was contemporary with elephant seals. In general, Pontolis is a third more than the largest modern walrus. These huge pinnipeds have more simple structure of the teeth, the more massive skull, rather large fangs and a more concave and elongated palate than the walrus of the middle Miocene.

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