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Mongolotherium Mongolotherium Mongolotherium
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Prodinoceras Mongolotherium (Prodinoceras Matthew, Granger & Simpson, 1929)


Order: Dinocerata

Family: Uintatheriidae

Genus: Prodinoceras

Dimensions: length - 2,9 m, height - 120 сm, weight - 400 kg

Temporal range: late Paleocene of Mongolia

Typical representative: Mongolotherium Flerov, 1952


Prodinoceras was the earliest known uintathere genus, which lived in the late Paleocene of Mongolia. It was a relatively small uintathere, reaching 2.9 m  in length. It is also regarded as the basal uintathere, as, although it had the characteristic fang-like tusks, it had yet to evolve the characteristic knob-like horns. It is very similar to its North American counterpart, Probathyopsis. All experts regard it as Prodinoceras' sister genus.

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