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Promerycochoerus Promerycochoerus Promerycochoerus
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Promerycochoerus (†Promerycochoerus (Leidy, 1858))
Order: Artiodactyla
Family: †Merycoidodontidae
Time period: Early Miocene of North America
Size: 1 m in length, 45 cm in height, 30-60 kg of weight.
Promerycochoerus is an extinct genus of hippopotamus-like oreodont artiodactyl that lived in Central North America during the Early Miocene.
The creature is thought to have been amphibious, as all species possessed an elongated, barrel-shaped body and short limbs that are typical adaptations found in semi-aquatic mammals. P. superbus had a long tapir-like face, while P. carrikeri had a short, somewhat pig-like face.
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