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Smilodon and Macrauchenia
Smilodon and Macrauchenia
Smilodon and Macrauchenia Smilodon and Macrauchenia
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Smilodon and Macrauchenia

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Smilodon populator (Smilodon populator Lund, 1842)


Order: Carnivora

Family: Felidae

Size: was around‭ ‬2.3 ‬meters long, 1,2‭ ‬meters tall at the shoulder.  Weight estimated about 400 kg.

Time period: Throughout the Pleistocene,‭ ‬till the very early Holocene (South America).

Smilodon populator was the largest saber-toothed species that ever lived, some 50% larger than its North American relative, Smilodon fatalis. Smilodon populator lived throughout much of the continent and was the only saber-toothed cat identified in South America for many years. Potential prey of Smilodon preserved in the cave include the ground sloth, the horses, a camelid, a deer, and a litoptern, Macrauchenia.


Macrauchenia (Macrauchenia Owen, 1838)


Order: †Litopterna

Family: †Macraucheniidae

Size: 3 m in length, 180 cm in height, 800-1000 kg of weight

Time period: the late Pleistocene South America

Macrauchenia patachonica is probably the most famous species of native South American ungulate. Macrauchenia had a very long neck and a snout completely enclosed by bone (like a sauropod dinosaur). These two features are not present in any living mammal with a proboscis, and they cast significant doubt that Macrauchenia had a proboscis. It had also very robust, three-toed limbs quite unlike those of modern camels. It has been suggested that the strong limbs of Macrauchenia may have allowed it to abruptly change its direction in order to escape predators such as Smilodon populator.
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