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Stylinodon Stylinodon Stylinodon
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Stylinodon (Stylinodon Marsh, 1874)


Order: †Cimolesta

Suborder: Taeniodonta

Family: Stylinodontidae

Temporal range: during middle Eocene in North America.

Dimensions: length - 1,7 m, height - 70 сm, weight - 60-100 kg

A typical representative: Stylinodon mirus



Stylinodon is an extinct genus of taeniodont mammal, and is the best known, and last genus of taeniodonts, lived some 45 million years ago during middle Eocene in North America. The skull suggests it had a blunt face, and a very short snout. Species ranged in size from pigs to leopards, reached a body mass of up to 80 kilograms. Its canines had developed into huge, incisor-like root-less teeth. Stylinodon's molars were covered in enamel and continued growing throughout its life. Most likely, it fed on rough roots and tubers.

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