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Styriofelis Styriofelis
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STYRIOFELIS (Kretzoi, 1929)

Styriofelis turnauensis Hoernes, 1882


Dimensions: around 1.4 m long from nose to tail, weight - 12-20 kg

Temporal range: the Miocene of Europe (20 - 9.5 million years ago)



Styriofelis is an extinct genus of Felidae known from the Miocene of Europe.
In 1882, a species of Pseudaelurus from Europe was described as Pseudaelurus turnauensis. In 1929, Kretzoi proposed the genus Styriofelis for P. turnauensis, but this proposal was largely ignored. In 2010, a review of the family Felidae suggested that Pseudaelurus be split into three separate genera, including Styriofelis for P. turnauensis. 
In 2012, a new species of Pseudaelurus-grade felid found in Spain was described as Styriofelis vallesiensis. In 2017, however, a review of the species concluded that it was sufficiently different as to require a separate genus, and was reassigned to the new genus Leptofelis as Leptofelis vallesiensis.
†Leptofelis (Salesa et al., 2017)
Leptofelis vallesiensis (Salesa et al., 2012)
Dimensions: around 1.3 m long from nose to tail, weight - 7-8 kg
Temporal range: the Miocene of Europe (Spain)
Leptofelis vallesiensis is theorized to have had long and slender legs, and to weigh between 7.21–9.02 kg, similar in size to a caracal or serval. It had certain adaptations intermediate between earlier felids, which were mostly arboreal or semi-arboreal, and later felids that lived mainly on the ground. Because of this, L. vallesiensis is theorized to have been mainly ground-living, though still climbing trees to escape.


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