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Synoplotherium vorax (old version)
Synoplotherium vorax (old version) Synoplotherium vorax (old version)
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Synoplotherium vorax (old version)

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Synoplotherium (Synoplotherium vorax Cope, 1872)


Order: Mesonychia

Family: Mesonychidae

Size: 1.5 m in length, 60 cm in height, 50 kg of weight

Time period: the Early Eocene (North America).

Typical representative: Synoplotherium vorax Cope, 1872


Synoplotherium (also known as "Dromocyon") is an extinct genus of relatively small, wolf-like mesonychids that lived 50 million years ago, in what is now Wyoming. Synoplotherium was related to, coexisted, and possibly competed with the larger Mesonyx.


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