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Trigodon Trigodon
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Trigodon (Trigodon Ameghino, 1887)


Order: Notoungulata

Family: Toxodontidae

Time period: Miocene of South America (11,6 – 7,2 Ma)

Size: 3 m in length, 180 cm in height, 2500kg of weight

Typical representative: Trigodon gaudryi Ameghino, 1887


Trigodon gaudryi is an extinct species of the family Toxodontidae, a large bodied notoungulate which inhabited South America during the Miocene living from 11.61—7.25 Ma and existed for approximately 4.36 million years. It bore a strong, albeit superficial resemblance to a rhinoceros, in that it had a horn on its forehead.

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