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Viretailurus schaubi
Viretailurus schaubi
Viretailurus schaubi Viretailurus schaubi
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Viretailurus schaubi

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Viretailurus schaubi (Panthera schaubi Owen, 1846)

Order: Carnivora

Family: Felidae

Dimensions: length - 1,5 m, height - 90 сm, weight - 70-100 kg

Temporal range: 2,1 mya — 800 000 years ago. (Eurasia)


Puma pardoides or Owen's panther is an extinct prehistoric cat, long regarded as a primitive species of leopard (genus Panthera). Recent work has shown that Panthera pardoides is actually the same species as Panthera schaubi, which is probably not a pantherine at all, but more properly classified as Puma pardoides. Panthera schaubi or Viretailurus schaubi was historically often regarded as a basal member of the genus Panthera. However, recent work has shown that Viretailurus should actually be included in the genus Puma as a junior synonym of Puma pardoides. Fossils of this leopard-sized animal are around 2 million years old and were found in France.

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