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Vulpavus Vulpavus
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Vulpavus (Vulpavus Marsh, 1871)


Order: Carnivoramorpha

Family: Miacidae

Temporal range: during the  Paleocene - Eocene (Eurasia and North America)

Dimensions: length - 90 cm, weight - 1-1,5 kg



Vulpavus (Miacines) – ancient primitive carnivores that lived in the Paleocene and Eocene and became extinct 34 million years ago. Probably, they were the ancestors of all contemporary carnivores. Different species were living on the trees or on the ground. Miacines divided into two groups: Miacines (with the full molars) and Viverravines (with a reduced number of molars and more specialized carnivorous teeth).
Vulpavus – the representative of Miacines – was rather primitive predator and looks like tayra with a small body and long tail. He ate everything he could catch – birds, insects and small mammals.

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