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Ysengrinia Ysengrinia Ysengrinia
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Ysengrinia (†Ysengrinia (Leidy,1853))
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Suborder: Caniformia
Superfamily: Arctoidea
Family: †Amphicyonidae
Subfamily: †Amphicyoninae
Time period: the Late Oligocene - Early Miocene of Europe and North America (Africa?) 
Size: Up to‭ ‬1.4‭ ‬meters long, 70 cm tall at the shoulder.  Weight around 70 kilograms.
Species: Y. gerandiana (type), Y. americana, Y. depereti, Y. ginsburgi, Y. tolosana, Y. valentiana.
Ysengrinia is an extinct genus of bear dogs found in Europe and North America, and possibly in southwestern Africa, during the Early Miocene. Dated to the Oligocene period, Ysengrinia is one of the earliest of the larger bear dogs (earlier ones like Cynodictis were smaller) and lived at a time when the world was dominated by creodont predators.
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