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Puzzle Smilodon
Puzzle Smilodon
Puzzle Smilodon Puzzle Smilodon
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Puzzle Smilodon

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Size: 42*30 cm (A3 format)

Number of elements: 240 pcs.

Recommended age: 6+



- box

- A5 post card with the information of the animal

- pack with the puzzles


Subjects: Megalodon (Carcharodon megalodon), Smilodon fatalis, Steppe mammoth (Mammuthus trogontherii), Woolly rhinoceros (Coelodonta antiquitatis)


Dear Friends, our puzzles with prehistoric animals are not just a game which will entertain you for a few hours. This is a work of many paleontologists and other scientists who dedicated their lives to prehistoric flora and fauna. Our puzzles are not simple photos as it may seem at first - these are images of ancient creatures which are artistically recreated based on their skeletons. These animals inhabited the Earth after the dinosaurs. Many of them still remain an enigma, as nobody has ever seen them…


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