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Size Comparison (Cards)
Size Comparison (Cards) Size Comparison (Cards) Size Comparison (Cards)
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Size Comparison (Cards)

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Size Comparison of extinct and modern animals


Sizes: 14x16,9 cm (300 dpi), 1654x1998 pxls

Prices: 1 image = $7

from 10 images = $5/per image

Main information: Self-print version. You can choose any subject. Please write what subject you chose in your order


Subject of comparison

Marsupial lion and koala. Simbakubwa kutokaafrika and African lion. Haast's eagle and little eagle. Moropus and Asian tapir. Elasmotherium and Indian rhinoceros. American cheetah and cougar. Giant asian pangolin and Javan pangolin. Arsinoitherium and African forest elephant. Giant echidna and western long-beaked echidna. Late Pleistocene Ice Age leopard and African leopard. Giant Amphicyon and polar bear. Sarkastodon and Bengal tiger. Heracles and owl parrot. Embolotherium and Grévy's zebra. The Dodo and Nicobar pigeon. The giant fossa and fossa. Giant Ethiopian otter and giant river otter. Giant marabou stork and African marabou. Whollydooleya tomnpatrichorum and Tasmanian devil. Pelagornis and wandering albatross. Demon duck and swan. Sylviornis neocaledoniae and wild turkey. Andrewsarchus and common hippopotamus. Xenocyon and African wild painted dog. Leakey's giant civet and African civet. European large porcupine and Indian crested porcupine. Notochoerus eulius and giant forest hog. Long-nosed peccary and Chacoan peccary. South Island giant moa and grey tinamou. Eurasian puma and cougar. Giant Beaver and North American beaver. Macrauchenia patachonica and Grévy's zebra. Mixotoxodon and rock hyrax. Purussaurus brasiliensis and black caiman. Simocyon and modern red panda. Sivatherium giganteum and modern giraffe. Smilodon populator and Neofelis nebulosa. South Island giant moa and great grey kiwi. Theropithecus oswaldi and modern gelada. Thylacosmilus atrox and Virginia opossum. Titanohyrax ultimus and modern rock hyrax. Titanotylopus and Bactrian camel. Ursus maritimus tyrannus and Ursus maritimus. Vorombe titan and modern ostrich. Woolly rhinoceros and modern Sumatran rhinoceros.Chapalmalania altaefrontis and raccoon. Daeodon and Ussuri Boar. Dinocrocuta and spotted hyena. Diprotodon and northern hairy-nosed wombat. Dire wolf and northwestern wolf. Epicyon and common wolf. European hippopotamus and modern river hippopotamus. Flores Man and 8-year-old boy. Giant cheetah snd modern cheetah. Giant horse and Przewalski's horse. Giant long-horned bison and American bison. Giant Teratorn and Andean condor. Gigantopithecus and Sumatran orangutan. Glyptodon and giant armadillo. Hemiauchenia and  guanaco. Hydrodamalis gigas and dugong. Irish elk and fallow deer. Josephoartigasia and capybara. Kelenken and red-legged seriema. Kretzoiarctos and giant panda. Leviathan and cachalot. Lophialetes expeditus and Asian tapir. Megalania and Komodo dragon. Megalictis ferox and wolverine. Megalochelys atlas and Galápagos tortoise. Megalodon and the white shark. Megatherium and Linnaeus's two-toed sloth. Ngandong tiger and Amur tiger. Nuralagus rex and European hare. Palaeeudyptes klekowskii and emperor penguin. Paraceratherium and white rhinoceros. Pleistocene North American jaguar and Sourth American jaguar. Pleistocene South American short-faced bear and spectacled bear. Pontolis magnus and walrus. Procoptodon goliah and red giant kangaroo. African long-horned buffalo and Cape buffalo. American lion and African lion. Archaeoindris fontoynontii and  indri. Asian elephant and Woolly mammoth. Asian straight-tusked elephant and African bush elephant. Auroch and Toro Bravo. Barbourofelis fricki and Cryptoprocta ferox. Blue whale and Indohyus. Broad-fronted moose and Alaskan moose. Cave bear and Kodiak bear. Cave hyena and spotted hyena.


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